Ex-FOIA Official: 'There's No Doubt' Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Circumventing The Law

Former Freedom of Information Act official Daniel Metcalfe said that if a Freedom of Information Act officer received a request for Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence that could include either her sending an email to State Department employee or receiving an email, the officer would go up to the secretary’s office and say that they would have to search through her emails. In Clinton’s case, the search would not take have taken long because there was nothing there.

The only result the search would reveal would be if she had sent an email to a State Department employee.

"I have referred to her ‘regime,’ so to speak, as a prescription for the blatant circumvention of the Freedom of the Information Act," Metcalfe said.

Metcalfe also said that anything that is labeled as a scandal or "supposed cover-up" has records pertaining to the issue. From there, it becomes a legal issue.

"I do know that Secretary Clinton indeed had knowledge of how the Freedom of Information Act works," Metcalfe said.

UPDATE April 2 12:25 p.m.: A previous version of this post incorrectly quoted Metcalfe as saying that he had worked on so many Clinton scandals that he stopped counting. Metcalfe was speaking about scandals in the entire Clinton administration, not just ones pertaining to Hillary Clinton.