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Disinformation Group Demanding Media Transparency Won't Disclose Its Own Donors

The Global Disinformation Index says disclosing its donors would lead to 'harassment'

April 14, 2023

Keith Ellison Moves To Shield Records on Controversial Legal Scheme

Legal group accuses liberal AG of 'covering his tracks' after soliciting Bloomberg funds to staff office

July 12, 2021

As Virus Spread, Fauci Compared COVID-19 to 'Seasonal Flu'

Top doc urged reporters to cover flu, not COVID, in early days of pandemic

June 4, 2021
Scott Pruitt

Staff Emails Undermine Congressman's Claim of Being 'Blocked' From EPA Summit

Rep. Kildee alleged in television appearances and op-ed the EPA restricted access to summit

May 31, 2018

Lisa Jackson, aka Richard Windsor, Criticizes Trump EPA's Transparency

Jackson used alias and private email to conduct official business at EPA

September 19, 2017