Ed Henry Frustrated When Hillary Clinton Won’t Take Questions About Her Honesty

• June 15, 2015 4:45 pm


Hillary Clinton has not taken many questions from reporters as a candidate for the Democratic nomination. So when her campaign team says she will take questions for the third time since her announcement, it is a big deal to reporters.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry was giddy at the thought of finally getting to ask Clinton a question. Weeks prior he interrupted Clinton’s campaign event to ask if she would ever take a question from the press.

Clinton replied, "I might—I’ll have to ponder it, but I will put it on my list for due consideration."

On Monday, Clinton took questions from two MSNBC reporters, the Washington Post, the AP, and a number of other outlets but none from Fox News. Henry was the closest reporter to Clinton, less than three feet away from her right hand side. It was evident as the presser went on, he would not get a chance to ask his question.

Henry blurted his question as she walked away, raising the fact that most Americans do not believe Clinton is honest or trustworthy. Almost immediately campaign officials and Secret Service surrounded the candidate clouded with controversy and shut Henry out.

A dejected and frustrated Henry, with no cameraman and no opportunity to ask Clinton a question, eventually walked off.

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