Ed Henry: Expanded FBI Investigation into Emails is Bad News for Hillary Clinton

November 10, 2015

Fox News correspondent Ed Henry said Tuesday that the FBI’s expanded probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server contradicted the Clinton campaign’s claim that its candidate was not the target of that probe.

"This report suggests it's going beyond the security of the server and looking at whether or not people knew there was classified information," Henry said.

The Clinton campaign had been reassuring fundraisers that the FBI investigation was just looking into the security of the server, not into those who used or operated the server.

Tuesday’s report by Politico about the expanded FBI probe is the latest bad news for Clinton from her sprawling email scandal.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Friday that Clinton signed a form acknowledging that she was personally responsible for guarding classified information, and might face criminal penalties if she mishandled such information. Between 600 and 700 emails on Clinton’s vulnerable server are now considered classified by the State Department.

Then a spokesperson for Director of National Intelligence James Clapper threw cold water on an anonymously-sourced story that Clinton’s email did not, in fact, contain top-secret information.

"[The Office of the Director of National Intelligence] has made no such determination and the review is ongoing," Clapper spokesman Brian Hale told Politico.

Transcript below:

GRETCHEN CARLSON: The FBI reportedly expanding its probe into her personal email use. Politico reporting the FBI is putting more resources into the probe, making requests for records from people connected to the use of that private server. Chief White House correspondent Ed Henry live for us from Washington. Ed, is this FBI probe of Hillary Clinton really expanding?

ED HENRY: Sounds like it may be. Politico is reporting today that FBI has started talking to officials who worked at the State Department under Hillary Clinton and are no longer just asking about the security of her server. They are also asking for documents and conducting interviews according to Politico in which they are pressing for information about whether top officials knew that classified information may have been compromised. What is significant about that is so far the Clinton campaign is not commenting on this. They are not confirming it or denying it, but I’m told they have been telling top fundraisers in recent days that, look, this is an FBI probe of the security of the server. They are trying to find out and make sure no more documents with classified information go out there and Hillary Clinton and her top officials are not the target. This report suggests it's going beyond the security of the server and looking at whether or not people knew there was classified information.