Ed Henry: African-Americans, Labor Unions Holding Out for a Biden Run

September 22, 2015

Two important interest groups in the Democratic Party’s electoral coalition—labor unions and black Americans—are expressing interest in a Joe Biden candidacy, Fox News reporter Ed Henry said Tuesday.

Biden, who has not made up his mind whether he will challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, was given a warm greeting at a gathering of students from historically black colleges and universities on Tuesday.

Students chanted "We love you, Joe," and "Run, Joe, run," as Biden touched his breast in recognition of their praise.

"African-American leaders were a key part of the Obama coalition. If Joe Biden gets in, he would obviously want to put the Obama coalition that won two national elections back together," Henry said.

Henry also noted a report from Politico that two major unions, the Service Employees International Union and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), are delaying their endorsement of Hillary Clinton to see if Biden will jump into the race. Clinton was endorsed for president by AFSCME in 2007.

"A couple major labor unions are holding back on an endorsement of Hillary Clinton mostly because they want to see if Joe Biden will get in. [If he does,] then they’ll choose between the two," Henry said.

Democrats concerned about the troubled candidacy of frontrunner Hillary Clinton have held out hope that an establishment Democrat like Biden will jump into the race to challenge her.

Henry’s report provides more evidence that Biden might have enough support to give Clinton a scare if he decides to run.