DNC Chair Refuses to Condemn Dems’ Impeachment Talk: ‘I Share the Concern About This Reckless President’

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Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez said Wednesday that he understands the "angst" that people calling for Donald Trump's impeachment have, adding that Trump is "the most dangerous president in American history."

Perez made the comments during an appearance on Boston's 89.7 WGBH. In the interview flagged by NTK Network, the WBGH host asked about the Democratic Party's messaging. He noted how former Obama administration officials, such as David Axelrod, have recently criticized liberal billionaire Tom Steyer's campaign to impeach Trump.

The host pointed out that many Americans who dislike Trump still may not want a year of impeachment proceedings after experiencing that during Bill Clinton's presidency. Encouraging such impeachment proceedings, the host argued, could play into Republicans' hands.

"Are you concerned about that as well?" he asked Perez.

"Listen, this is the most dangerous president in American history," Perez responded. He then referenced his time at the Justice Department and said Trump threatens the department's independence every day.

The solution, Perez said, is to elect more Democrats at the state and local levels.

"But does the impeachment talk make you nervous?" the host asked. "Would you prefer that the Democrats, whether it's Steyer or rank-and-file Democrats, not talk about that now and focus on the issues?"

Perez did not tamp down the impeachment talk, opting instead to explain the views of those who use such rhetoric.

"I think what they're doing is pointing out that this president has committed—he's the most dangerous president in American history," he said, before again condemning Trump's attacks on the Justice Department.

"I understand the angst that people have, because I share the concern about this reckless president who is making America less safe," Perez added.

In November, Perez hedged on Steyer's impeachment effort, saying, "I'm not talking about impeachment," while adding that Steyer can do whatever he wants.

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