Anti-Trump Activists Scale Back Inauguration Protest Plans

DisruptJ20 will block one bridge in D.C.

A Trump supporter debates with anti-Trump protesters in Janesville, Wisconsin / CQ Roll Call via AP
January 18, 2017

DisruptJ20, an anti-Donald Trump activist coalition recently recorded by Project Veritas discussing plans to disrupt the president-elect's inauguration on Friday, is going to dramatically scale back plans to block traffic in the nation's capital.

Legba Carrefour, one of the organizers of DisruptJ20, told U.S. News & World Report on Tuesday that the current plan is to block only one bridge during the inauguration. Carrefour, who said "the amount of chaos is being intentionally overstated" by his group, did not identify the specific roadway that would be targeted.

"By virtue of us making those claims, it whips people up into the kind of panic that accidentally ends up causing the chaos we want. You can say 'all of Metro is being blockaded' and people will stay home," Carrefour said.

In the first Project Veritas video, two men affiliated with DisruptJ20 discussed disrupting an inaugural ball with stink bombs. DisruptJ20 said in a statement that they fooled the undercover Project Veritas infiltrators and gave them false information.

Carrefour said that he can claim credit for a large number of the street closures at the inauguration.

In the second Project Veritas video, Carrefour discussed plans to shut down a D.C. Metro stop by using chains and creating blockades at checkpoints on the morning of the inauguration.