Dems Think Impeachment Is a Loser Politically, CNN Correspondent Says

• November 26, 2019 4:30 pm


CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny on Tuesday said 2020 candidates and Democratic voters are avoiding impeachment talk because they think it will hinder their election chances.

"You talk to some Democratic voters out there, as I have," Zeleny said on Inside Politics. "And you watch what Democratic presidential candidates are talking about, it's not this. They do not believe this is a winner for them in November."

Zeleny added that candidates will be unable to avoid the issue, predicting the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump will lead the political conversation next year.

"It's going to be a split screen," Zeleny said. "In many cases in January, it may be the dominating screen. So this will impact the 2020 campaign."

Most candidates in the Democratic presidential field, including the leading four candidates, have expressed support for impeaching the president.

Popular support for impeachment, however, has fallen following the House Intelligence Committee's public hearings. Recent polls show a majority of swing-state voters do not support impeachment and removal. A Marquette University Law School poll found only 36 percent of independent voters approve of impeachment and removal.

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