Democrats Love Comey Again


Back in November, Democrats were blaming former FBI Director James Comey for Hillary Clinton's historic election loss to political newcomer Donald Trump. Clinton supporters continued to castigate Comey as Trump officially entered the White House and started to govern.

Fast forward to the present, however, and Democrats cannot stop praising Comey for his integrity and strength.

Comey, who Trump fired on May 9, testified Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee on his firing and the FBI investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, among other issues. The media hyped up expectations in the days leading up to the hearing, saying that Comey's testimony would be "blockbuster," "explosive," and a "political super bowl."

Comey testified that Trump told him in a February meeting that he hoped the FBI chief could "let go" the investigation into Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Comey also testified that Trump asked him to pledge loyalty, which caused Comey to be concern about the independence of the FBI. Comey's statements have fueled speculation about whether Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Democrats were quick to defend Comey's integrity and honesty, a few months after they questioned whether the former FBI director should resign or be fired.

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Andrew Kugle is the assistant social media editor for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2013. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, he worked as a Staff/Press Assistant for South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem. Andrew is from De Pere, Wisconsin and lives in D.C. His Twitter handle is @AndrewJKugle. You can reach him at

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