Democratic Voter: I Feel Forced to Pick Hillary Over Sanders in Primary

May 17, 2016

A Democratic Kentucky voter told CNN Tuesday that she felt that Hillary Clinton was her forced choice in the Democratic primary.

Retiree Ann Hager, voting in Louisville, told reporter Brynn Gingras she didn't like having to pick Clinton in the primary over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), but she felt she was obligated to over  concerns with Republican Donald Trump.

"I"m not sure that either one, whether Hillary or whether Trump, really are the best choice of candidates that represent our country, but it looks like that's the choice," Hager said. "I like Bernie, but I think he's too—I don't want to use the word socialism, but some of his policies, I don't think they'll be accepted by the American public. I'm not sure that all of Hillary's will, but when I look at her record, she has handled some things.

"I do think you need someone with confidence and someone who can compromise. Yes, we all make mistakes. She's made some mistakes, but my other choice of Trump—I feel him unpredictable. I feel him unreliable, so I vote for Hillary like a forced choice."

"So your decision today was to go with Hillary because you look ahead to November? That's what it came down to," Gingras said.

"Yeah," Hager said. "It came down to that, and I don't like voting that way. I don't like voting that way, but it looks like that's the way I think a lot of us are voting, and I think the election's turning people off."

Hager relayed that her grandchildren were considering not voting for anyone in November, because they were so unhappy with their choices. Both Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and Clinton sport historically high unfavorability ratings heading into their likely general election matchup.