Dem Rep Gives President ‘Kudos’ Over Asia Trip: ‘I Guess I’m Going to Praise Trump a Second Time’

• November 6, 2017 12:11 pm


Democratic Rep. Ami Bera (Calif.), vice ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, praised President Donald Trump's Asia trip on Monday.

During an appearance on MSNBC, host Ali Velshi opened the discussion by mentioning Bera's experience with the region.

"You met with the prime minister of Japan and the new president of South Korea," Velshi said. "What is it that you think is the best thing for the president to do while he's there?"

"You know, I was with Prime Minister Abe last Monday, and one, I'm not used to praising President Trump, but kudos to him for starting the trip off in Japan and Korea," Bera said.

Bera continued to praise the relationship between Trump and Abe, who have been golfing together during Trump's trip.

"It's important to show our allies that we stand with them. You know, I think that Prime Minister Abe and the president have a pretty warm relationship," Bera said.

He paused before adding, "and I guess I'm going to praise President Trump a second time." He explained that the president has been pushing to have the Japanese build cars in the United States.

"And when I met with the prime minister, met with business leaders, they are trying to do that," Bera said. "So let's continue to push that investment in America. But let's also show no distance between us and our allies in Japan and South Korea."

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