De Blasio Crashes G20 Summit, Expected to Give Speech Criticizing Trump’s Policies

Bill de Blasio / Getty Images

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be the keynote speaker at a "human rights and democracy" rally on Saturday in Germany, where he is expected to speak out against President Donald Trump.

De Blasio landed in Hamburg, the location of the G-20 summit of world leaders, on Friday morning, the New York Post reported.

The New York mayor has scheduled meetings on Friday with Hamburg's mayor, Olaf Scholz, and President of the Hamburg Parliament Carola Alexandra Veit. He will also be attending a reception for the G-20.

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De Blasio will speak at the "Hamburg Shows Attitude" rally on Saturday. The event is described as a "human rights and democracy" rally, and the mayor is expected to speak out against Trump administration policies.

De Blasio, who is known as a staunch environmentalist, is traveling with three City Hall staffers. Their overseas trip is being funded by the rally's organizers.

The mayor will also be visiting his son Dante, a Yale University student who is interning in Berlin for the summer.

De Blasio skipped the NYPD's swearing-in ceremony Thursday afternoon to catch his flight.