Continetti on Dems Jeering Delaney, Hickenlooper: They Will Be Booing 'Mom and Apple Pie' Soon

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti on Monday evening said Democrats will be booing "mom and apple pie" in a few months.

Continetti's comments came during a panel discussion on Fox News Channel's Special Report, after host Bret Baier played clips of progressive activists booing Democratic presidential candidates John Hickenlooper and John Delaney.

"Medicare for All may sound good, but it's actually not good policy nor is it good politics," said Delaney, a former Maryland Congressman.

"Let me be clear. If we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer," said Hickenlooper, the former governor of Colorado.

Continetti responded to the clip by pointing to how Democrats booed former Gov. Ted Strickland (D., Ohio) during the 2012 Democratic convention when he mentioned God and moved to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the party platform.

"In 2019, they are booing denunciations of socialism. Give them a few months, they will be booing mom and apple pie. This is your Democratic party at work," Continetti said.

Panelist Mollie Hemingway, a reporter for the Federalist, pointed out the booing wasn't the worst thing that could happen, prompting Baier to say the footage could be used in an ad.

"It's a problem that the Democratic Party has that their base are getting farther and farther to the left whereas they need to appeal to moderate people," Hemingway said. "That's Biden's strength of course and he didn't need to be there ... I'm worried that once he makes policies that are more specific that there might be much more room to go after him."