CNN Producer: Conway 'Looks Like She Got Hit With a Shovel'

June 30, 2017

Project Veritas released an undercover video on Friday showing a CNN associate producer saying that President Donald Trump's White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway, "looks like she got hit with a shovel."

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe continued his investigation into what he calls the mainstream media's biased coverage of Trump by releasing his third undercover video of the week. In the video, CNN's "New Day" associate producer Jimmy Carr made disparaging comments about Conway and said that American voters are "stupid as shit," the Hill reported.

"Would [it] be fair to question the intellect of the American voter?" PV's undercover journalist asked.

"Oh no. They're stupid as shit," Carr said.

The undercover journalist also asked Carr what media circles think of Trump.

"On the inside, we all recognize he is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he's really bad at this and that he does not have America's best interests," Carr said. "We recognize he's just fucking crazy."

Carr went on to question Trump's Republican credentials, arguing that the president does not actually believe in any of the issues he has vocalized.

"Here's the deal, this is a man who's not actually a Republican," Carr said. "He just adopted that because that was the party he thought he could win in. He doesn't believe anything that these people believe."

Carr added that Conway "looks like she got hit with a shovel" when the undercover journalist asked about her.

The first two videos that Project Veritas released revolved around the investigation into links between Trump's campaign and Russia, and CNN's coverage of it. The first video captured John Bonifield, another CNN producer, saying that the network's coverage of the Russia investigation is "mostly bullshit" but leads to high ratings.

"I mean, it's mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don't have any big giant proof," Bonifield said.

"And so I think the president is right to say, like, 'Look, you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof,'" Bonifield added.

The second video captured CNN commentator Van Jones admitting that the "Russia thing is just a big nothing burger."