CNN Piles on to Clinton Losing Election During Inauguration Broadcast

January 20, 2017

CNN hosts reflected on how tough it must be for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to attend Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump during the network's coverage of the event.

"It must be very difficult right now for Hillary Clinton to be here," Jake Tapper said. "Obviously having worked so hard to be here under completely different circumstances."

Co-host Dana Bash added to Tapper's remarks, noting how difficult it must be for the failed Democratic nominee to realize that she will never hold the title of commander in chief.

"To just literally see Donald Trump walk out the door with President Obama, get into his car to go to his inauguration, and Hillary Clinton walking with her husband who was president, knowing she will never be at the very same time," Bash said.

John King joined in by reminding the viewers that both Trump and Obama beat Clinton in separate presidential contests.

"The two men who denied her the presidency in one car," King said when Obama and Trump got into the car to travel to the Capitol for the swearing-in ceremony.

"I can only imagine what must be going through her mind right now, two months after this presidential election," Wolf Blitzer said. "She got more votes, popular votes, but you know what counts is the Electoral College."