CNN Panel Discusses Troubling Polling Numbers for Clinton

'This wasn't her best week'

CNN's Inside Politics panel discussed polling showing Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton underwater on honesty and trustworthiness in key battleground states Sunday.

A Quinnipiac poll revealed majorities of voters in Florida (51 percent), Ohio (53 percent) and Pennsylvania (54 percent) do not find she has those qualities.

"This wasn't her best week," host John King said.

Self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) also finished just 10 points behind Clinton, 41-31, in a poll of likely New Hampshire voters, something else that could alarm her campaign.

Associated Press reporter Lisa Lerer said Clinton had played it "extremely safe" on issues important to the left flank of the Democratic Party, and she's "stayed silent" on controversial intra-party topics like trade and NSA surveillance.