WFB Editor in Chief: Sotomayor Retirement Calls Are 'Unseemly'

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Eliana Johnson said calls from progressives for Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor to retire are "unseemly," citing Sotomayor's age in comparison with President Joe Biden's. Sotomayor is 12 years younger than the octogenarian commander in chief.

"I do find it rich that the same people who tell us that Joe Biden is a spring chicken at 81 years old are telling us that the 69-year-old Justice Sotomayor must step down," Johnson said during a Saturday CNN appearance, "and they're going through her medicine cabinet to see what diabetes medication she's on."

"They're not telling her anything she doesn't know," Johnson continued. "I find it sort of unseemly."

"She knows how old she is," Johnson said. "She knows what her health condition is. She can make the decision whether she wants to step down."