CNN Anchor Calls Out Biden for Not Doing Any Sunday News Shows

February 2, 2020

CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Sunday called out former vice president Joe Biden for not doing any interviews on Sunday news shows since entering the Democratic primary.

"I want to note I fully appreciate you coming in and taking our questions," Tapper said to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. "Vice President Biden has yet to do a Sunday show interview. You have done—I can't even count how many times you have agreed to do interviews, so thank you for taking our questions."

Tapper is not the first CNN anchor to take Biden to task for his conspicuous absence from Sunday news shows. CNN's Brian Stelter noted in September that Biden had not appeared on a Sunday news show in 2019.

"Biden has never sat down for a Sunday show interview all year long," the Reliable Sources anchor said. "I wonder if they are doing enough to combat Trump."

Biden has not appeared on a Sunday news show in 1,148 days.