Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete’s Ice Cream GAFFE Shows He’s Too Elitist, Indecisive for the Presidency

How can anyone support his candidacy after this?

Pete Buttigieg is running for president based on the remarkable achievement of elevating South Bend from the fourth best city in Indiana to the third best. A recent video of his visit to Iowa makes it clear that despite such an unimpeachable accomplishment, the 37 year old lacks the mettle to serve as leader of the free world.

Mayor Pete Should Probably Drop Out Already

Boat Shoes Buttigieg tied with Andrew Yang in latest Fox News poll

Many agree that there are way too many white dudes running for president in the Democratic primary. As the third round of debates draws near, some Democrats are beginning to wonder why some of the low-polling vanity candidates shouldn't quit the presidential race and run for a statewide office they might actually have a shot at winning.

ANALYSIS: Pete Buttigieg Unusually Popular Among Iowa Voters Who Put Corn Kernels Into Jars

"Boatshoes" Buttigieg is somewhere between two and four times as popular as Obamacare among Iowa voters

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, is the preferred Democratic presidential candidate among a certain segment of the voting public. Namely: White, overeducated, urban-dwelling east coast liberals who wear boats shoes on catamarans while vacationing in Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Cap Cod. Also: white grad students who learned how to play the didgeridoo before it was fashionable to feel ashamed about "cultural appropriation." Buttigieg is also performing well, as it turns out, with Iowa State Fair attendees who put kernels of corn into jars.

Pete Buttigieg Plays the Didgeridoo, Because of Course He Does

He is so "that guy"

Buttigieg is the quintessential embodiment of the obnoxious grad student, brimming with excess confidence and useless talents. He's the 37-year-old mayor of the 4th-largest city in the 17th-largest state in the country and believes he has what it takes to be president. He's minimally conversant in a bunch of obscure languages. He won't stop talking about the time he studied abroad in Afghanistan. He plays a bunch of instruments, including the didgeridoo, because of course he does.