Clinton: Questions About My Email Are 'Beyond the Pale'

October 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton, who waited a long time before striking a conciliatory tone about her use of private email at the State Department, said at a town hall hosted by NBC Monday that questions about her server were "beyond the pale."

"There have been seven or eight Benghazi committees," Today Show host Savannah Guthrie said. "This is the first to actually discover and find your emails. Was that a public service?"

"No. I mean, no," Clinton said. "Before this whole thing was a big controversy, the State Department was looking for information. My emails were on the government account. More than 90 percent of them. The State Department was pulling them out. They'd been handed over. Look, I've been around this political situation for a long time, but some things are just beyond the pale. I'm happy to go, if it still is in operation, to testify. I'm happy to turn over my emails. I've gone further than anybody ever has.

"That's ok. I'm willing to do that. But the real issue here is what happened to four brave Americans."

Since the story broke in the spring, Clinton continually dismissed the saga over her use of private email while secretary of state as a distraction that she didn't have to apologize for, insisting over and over that what she did was allowed by the government.

Eventually, Clinton did say she was "sorry" for what she'd done. Questions ranging from her potential misuse of classified information to why she elected to use a private server to conduct government business at all have dogged her campaign and caused her trustworthiness numbers to suffer with voters.