Hillary Clinton Loves to Debate Everyone But Bernie Sanders

April 4, 2016

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton loves to debate everyone except for her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.).

There have been eight democratic debates this primary compared to the 25 debates during the 2008 Democrat primary. Back in 2008, Clinton was a vocal proponent for holding more debates between her and then Senator Barack Obama. When Clinton was losing to Obama, she called for more debates and even suggested that he was afraid to debate her.

"You should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere." Clinton said during the 2008 race.

The roles have now been reversed. Clinton currently leads Sanders and has ignored requests from his campaign on having a debate in New York.

Coming off recent victories, the Sanders campaign looks to build up momentum by having another debate before the New York primary on April 19th. The Sanders campaign released a statement on Saturday about the possibility of a New York debate. In the statement, Sanders criticized Clinton for the suggestion that the debate be held during the NCAA tournament finals when Syracuse was in the tournament. Sanders claims they have sent the Clinton campaign several alternative dates but so far the Clinton campaign hasn't agreed to any of them.

The Clinton campaign has threatened Sanders that there will be no more debates until he changes his tone. Clinton accused the Sanders campaign of being negative and not running a campaign about the issues.

Clinton's top advisor Joel Benenson said he thinks Clinton would like more debates between her and Sanders.

"I think Secretary Clinton wants more debates. She likes debating," Benenson said.

Democrats only have two more debates planned. One debate planned for April and the other in May.

Back in September, Clinton herself said she looks forward to a debate with her opponent, but that opponent wasn't Sanders. It was Donald Trump.