State Senator Asks Clinton Supporters to Sound Enthusiastic

March 29, 2016

At a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Wisconsin on Tuesday, State Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D.) asked the crowd to sound enthusiastic and recite Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan: "I'm with her."

"I am proud to say, without hesitation, I’m with her," Shilling said. "Can we all say that together on the count of three with an enthusiasm?"

"One, two, three," Shilling said, and the crowd echoed the back, "I’m with her."

Shilling, satisfied with the response, said that the enthusiasm was palpable.

"All right, I can feel it, I can feel it," she said.

Shilling's plea for enthusiasm is similar to one made by former presidential candidate Jeb Bush at a campaign event in New Hampshire in February, when Bush asked the crowd to "please clap."

Clinton suffers from an enthusiasm gap that some speculate may hurt her lead against rival Bernie Sanders, who is the "runaway favorite" among young voters. Among 18-to-29-year-olds, Clinton has a 35 percent approval rating. Comparatively, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton saw a 60 percent favorability rating with the same group.

Clinton has admitted that she is not a "natural politician," and has relied on her experience as Secretary of State, senator of New York, and first lady to offset her vulnerabilities. Despite her argument that she is the most experienced candidate, Clinton's trustworthy numbers remain consistently low due to her involvement in numerous scandals.

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