Clinton Campaign: Hillary’s 11 Hours of Benghazi Testimony Proves Her Stamina

August 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson cited Clinton’s 11 hours of Benghazi hearing testimony last October as proof of her physical stamina during an MSNBC interview on Thursday.

Donald Trump recently said Clinton did not have the physical or mental stamina to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group, leading MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell to ask Benenson if that was true.

"Absolutely not," he said. "Donald Trump knows it."

Benenson said Trump was going crazy because Clinton was outworking him on the campaign trail.

"Hillary Clinton flew around this country as secretary of state—flew around the world, I should say, more than a million miles. People saw her stamina testifying against Congress for 11 hours and not wavering for one minute," he said. "By the way, her health records, her doctor put out four times as much information as Donald Trump's."

Clinton has often pointed to her 11 hours of testimony at the Benghazi Select Committee hearing as a victory during the campaign. The press also treated it as such, with many proclaiming it came during a great "10 days" of her candidacy.

Half of her questioning, however, was from Democrats who apologized for Clinton having to attend the hearing delving into her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack and accusations that she spun a false tale about its cause to the American people.