Chuck Todd: 'It Boggles The Mind' That Clinton Foundation Continues to Take Foreign Money

April 29, 2015

NBC’s Chuck Todd says he still does not understand why the Clintons have accepted money from foreign governments and corporations.

"Look, to me, though, that's the part that's more damming on the Clintons. This is where I shake my head and don't understand why the Clintons continue to take foreign money," Todd said. "Clearly, the White House was concerned enough that they felt that they had to put something in writing."

Todd said the Clinton Foundation’s decision to continue to accept foreign money is perplexing, especially since there were many warning signs the Clintons ignored.

"The White House knew this look back, why in God's earth is the Clinton Foundation taking foreign donations? It boggles the mind," Todd said.

Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said they were tired of the White House stalling and avoiding the scandal by constantly referring the press to the State Department, Clinton Foundation, or Clinton campaign.

"They [the White House] always talk and how miffed they are the Clintons just played by their own rules," Scarborough said. "You get them on the record: They don't talk about the scrubbed servers, they don’t talk about the e-mails, they don’t talk about all of these deals they didn't approve with the White House… I wonder, when is the White House going to step up and say on the record what they say off the record?"