White House Won't Say Whether Hillary Clinton Broke Obama Admin's Disclosure Guidelines

April 23, 2015

Once again, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referred to the State Department and Clinton Foundation to answer any questions about recent allegations that Hillary Clinton approved of a massive uranium transfer to Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

When reporters ask the White House about the Clinton Foundation’s scandals, they refer them to the State Department. When the State Department is asked about Clinton’s apparent conflict of interest, they refer the media to the Clinton Foundation. And when the press makes its way over to the Clinton Foundation, the office refers them back to the White House. Throw in the Clinton campaign pointing in all directions and reporters are caught in a game of government hot potato.

Earnest played the same song and dance for ABC’s Job Karl when he directed a line of questions towards a memorandum the Clinton Foundation was forced to sign before Clinton could become Obama’s Secretary of State.

"Essentially then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to make public donations to the Clinton foundation and also speaking fees for President Clinton. Isn't it clear now that Secretary Clinton did not abide by her own memorandum of president?" Karl asked.

"I'm not sure that that's clear, but you should go ask Secretary Clinton about that," Earnest said.

Earnest not only failed to answer whether or not Clinton broke the rules Obama’s administration placed on her and her foundation, he suggested that the memorandum was self-imposed by Clinton rather than an understanding between her and the president.

"You are asking about the compliance with this particular matter and whether it lived up to the standards that Secretary Clinton had set for herself, and so I refer you to Secretary Clinton’s team," Earnest said, yet again deflecting to the Clinton campaign for answers

The White House spokesperson, however, insinuated that the president was pleased with Clinton’s time at the State Department and satisfied that she abided by the guidelines of the memorandum earlier this week.

"I can say clearly what happened, which is that there was a memorandum of understanding that was put in place that went above and beyond the ethical guidelines that the federal government previously had in place.  And the President continues to be extraordinarily proud of the work that Secretary Clinton did as a Secretary of State.  But for these specific accusations that are presented without any evidence, I’d refer you to the political types that are more well-versed in those kinds of things," Earnest said just three days prior.

Not surprisingly, Earnest referred reporters to "political types" who could shed light on his own vagueness.

The Obama administration promised to be the most transparent in the history of the United States.

It must be hard to be the most transparent government ever when the State Department receives a failing grade in transparency and the Secretary of State purposefully thwarts FOIA requests.