Chris Christie to Lester Holt: ‘You’re an Idiot’

September 28, 2016

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R.) called NBC News anchor Lester Holt an "idiot" on Tuesday for making misleading claims about stop-and-frisk policy during Monday night’s presidential debate.

Christie made his comments on New Jersey’s 101.5 FM, where he hosts a monthly radio show.

"Lester Holt was way out of bounds last night," Christie said. "He’s wrong on stop-and-frisk. He’s dead wrong."

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, cited the Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio as the definitive ruling that allows stop-and-frisk.

Holt, who moderated the first presidential debate, interrupted Donald Trump Monday night when the Republican nominee brought up the policy of stop-and-frisk as a way to reduce crime.

Holt incorrectly referenced a New York City case that declared stop-and-frisk unconstitutional, reported.

Christie correctly noted that Mayor Michael Bloomberg appealed the ruling, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals suspended the order, sending it back to a new judge to be tried again. But new Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would not pursue the appeal, but would instead institute reforms.

"Lester Holt says its unconstitutional," Christie said. "You’re an idiot."

The governor, a former federal prosecutor, said the 2013 ruling did not deem stop-and-frisk to be unconstitutional across the country, only that Bloomberg’s administration "applied it unconstitutionally" in New York.

During the debate, Trump pushed back against Holt’s claim by referencing the same facts that Christie brought up during his radio show.

Christie also lavished praise upon Trump while criticizing Hillary Clinton for their respective debate performances Monday night.

"What you saw was a professional politician, who spent her life in D.C. over the last 25 years, who gave very programmed, scripted answers and attacks," Christie said of Hillary Clinton’s performance.

"And on the other side, you saw a very direct, spontaneous non-politician," Christie said of Trump. "I think for a lot of the American people they like the spontaneity."

The next debate will be at Washington University in St. Louis on Oct. 9.