CBS Host: Nobody at Party I Was at Last Night Cares About Clinton's Emails

May 26, 2016

Political analysis by way of personal anecdote is almost never advisable. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King provided a classic example Thursday while discussing Hillary Clinton's private email scandal.

With Face The Nation moderator John Dickerson in the studio to discuss the State Department's Inspector General report that slammed Clinton's email conduct, King protested nobody at the party she was at the night before cared about it.

In the clip flagged by media watchdog NewsBusters, King appeared perturbed that Clinton's server was once again at the forefront.

"So John, put it in perspective," King said. "How big a deal is this really? I was at an event last night, and both Democrats and Republicans were quoting Bernie Sanders saying, 'I'm sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.'"

"But that was a long time ago, and he's since changed some of that," co-host Charlie Rose said.

"Yeah, he has, but the people at this party last night haven't, so how big a deal is it?" King asked.

"Is this going to improve anybody's wages? Is this going to help their kid get into a college and not be full of debt for the rest of their life? No, but it's about judgment and character," Dickerson said. "And we look at our presidents that way. And the challenge for Secretary Clinton is in the answers, are they going to raise new questions?

"In other words, when she says it was allowed and it was fine and I've been transparent and then you have an Inspector General, not just a political opponent, but an Inspector General saying the opposite thing, people are getting a fresh, realtime test of whether the candidate is shooting straight with them, and that's a challenge for any candidate."

King also let some bias slip last week on CBS when she accidentally said "we were all laughing" at the Republican Party's chaotic primary season. She is close friends with Oprah Winfrey, the left-leaning media mogul.