ABC: Damning IG Report Comes at Bad Time for Clinton as She Deals With Trust Issues

May 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton is facing what may be the toughest week in her campaign yet.

A day after the State Department Inspector General released a damning report that slammed her use of a private, unsecured email server, ABC's Cecilia Vega reported that Clinton continues to struggle with her trust and favorability numbers.

"This certainly does not come at a good time for Hillary Clinton as she struggles with those trust and favorability numbers," Vega said. "Trying to lock up the primary fight in California and head into a general election."

The New York Times reported that roughly 53 percent of voters said that they had an unfavorable opinion of Clinton. Sixty-four percent of registered voters said that they did not view Clinton as honest and trustworthy. The Times reported that when voters were asked why they did not view Clinton as trustworthy, the response was because of her emails.

The IG report showed that while Clinton turned over 55,000 pages of emails she failed to turn over the emails from the first few months of her time as secretary of state.

The report also showed she never requested or received permission to conduct government business on her private server, "even though they say she had an obligation to do so."

Clinton has maintained that the personal server was never hacked but the report showed that State Department officials had shut down the server once over concerns of hacking after Clinton received multiple emails with suspicious links.

"It's the same story," she said. "It's not an issue that's going affect either the campaign or my presidency."

Clinton has also said that she was willing to talk to the FBI about the ongoing investigation but that no one has reached out to her. The IG report revealed that top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills did not cooperate with the State Department's investigation.

Her campaign staff was also quick to point to her predecessors for also using private email addresses.