CBS: Clinton 'Worried' About Late Sanders Surge

May 10, 2016

CBS reported Tuesday morning that Hillary Clinton still has major challenges in her primary with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and a potential general election matchup with Donald Trump.

Correspondent Nancy Cordes said the Clinton campaign is "worried" enough about a potential surge of Sanders victories in later primary states that it's put ads up again in Kentucky. Sanders won Indiana last week, and he is likely to win West Virginia Tuesday, although the delegate math still stands in Clinton's favor.

"The Clinton camp is worried enough about the optics of a late Sanders surge—Indiana last week, possibly West Virginia today—that they've actually gone back up on the air here in Kentucky, running TV ads that they had pulled to save money for the general election," Cordes said in Louisville.

Sanders drew another large crowd of 15,000 in Sacramento, California, where he again assailed Clinton on issues like her support for the Iraq War and close ties to Wall Street. He told supporters there was still a chance to surpass Clinton in the pledged delegate count, although he is far behind with unpledged "superdelegates."

"These are supporters she's going to need to win over eventually, but he isn't making it easy for her," Cordes said. "He even argued he could still pull off a mathematical miracle."

Cordes added there are challenges for Clinton in her prospective face-off with Trump in the fall. A new Quinnipiac poll shows her neck-and-neck with Trump in swing states. She leads Trump 43-to-42 in both Florida and Pennsylvania, while Trump leads her 43-to-39 in Ohio.

Sanders, as he has in polls throughout the primary season, did better in a hypothetical matchup with  Trump, beating him in all three states: 44-to-42 percent in Florida, 43-to-41 in Ohio and 47-to-41 in Pennsylvania.

"That's one of the key reasons he's given for staying in the race," Cordes said.