Carl Bernstein Calls for Loretta Lynch to Recuse Herself From Clinton Investigation

June 30, 2016

Carl Bernstein, one of the two journalists who broke the Watergate story wide open, called for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to recuse herself Thursday from any role in the investigation and possible prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is being investigated by the FBI over the use of her private email server to transmit classified information while she was secretary of state.

Recently, Bill Clinton met with Lynch aboard her airplane while they were both at the same airport. They met for thirty minutes and say that no mention of possible investigations occurred.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Bernstein for his take on the Bill Clinton-Lynch meeting, and Bernstein strongly condemned Lynch's actions.

"This plays right into Trump's hand, but the terrible thing is the incredible lapse in judgment by both the Attorney General and Bill Clinton. It's inexplicable, it's wrong, it's improper and she needs the Attorney General to now recuse herself from overseeing this investigation and turn it over to the Deputy Attorney General in charge of the criminal division," Bernstein said. "It's unthinkable that she can go on being in charge of this investigation."

As Tapper turned to Democratic strategist Donna Brazile for her opinion, Tapper mentioned recent instances where an attorney general has either recused themselves or been called to due to political reasons.

"Wow! So a call from Carl Bernstein, Donna, for the Attorney General to recuse herself, and let me point out, in the past where there have been politically charged investigations," Tapper said. "First of all, John Ashcroft recused himself from the investigation [into] who leaked Valerie Plame's identity, the former CIA covert officer, and both Senators Obama and Clinton called for Gonzalez to recuse himself during the investigation into Jack Abramoff."