Brzezinski: ‘We’re at a Low Point in American History,’ Possibly as Bad as Civil War or Great Depression


Mika Brzezinski drew pushback from even "Morning Joe" co-host and beau Joe Scarborough on Friday when she said the country was at a "low point in American history," possibly on par with the Civil War or Great Depression.

In the wake of discussion of President Donald Trump's response to the Barcelona terrorist attack that included tweeting a myth about Gen. John Pershing's handling of Islamic terrorists, the panel delved into Trump's oft-repeated rhetoric that he could be the most "presidential" president since Abraham Lincloln.

"It seems that we're at a low point in American history," Brzezinski said, preparing to tease the next segment.

"Well, the Civil War was probably a little worse," Scarborough said, cutting over her. "That was bad."

"Well, I'm worried about what's coming," Brzezinski said, looking rueful.

"Great Depression, pretty bad," Scarborough said. "That was probably worse."

"This is a pretty low point," Brzezinski said.

Indeed, the Civil War was the deadliest armed conflict in the country's history, and the Great Depression saw the unemployment rate rise to as high as 25 percent.

She eventually said, "How about this? We're at a low point in presidential history."

The hosts of "Morning Joe," once friendly with Trump, have become two of his most fervent critics, at points even questioning his mental fitness for office. Trump set off a media firestorm in June when he tweeted personal attacks at the pair.

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