Associated Press Horrified That DeVos Flies on Private Plane at Her Own Expense

Betsy DeVos / Getty

The Associated Press wrote a story Friday complaining that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos flies to events on her own private plane.

"Education Secretary DeVos uses private plane for work travel," read the original headline. The AP also sent out a tweet with a similar headline.

The story comes in the context of a controversy over Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price's use of private chartered planes to travel at taxpayers' expense. The AP's reporting was widely shared by angry liberal readers, including one Democratic delegate and supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) who suggested that DeVos should be the prisoner of a rapist for her use of a private plane.

But as the AP's own story admits, DeVos pays for the the jet out of her own pocket and the travel adheres to all federal guidelines.

"The secretary neither seeks, nor accepts, any reimbursement for her flights, nor for any additional official travel-related expenses, such as lodging and per diem, even though she is entitled to such reimbursement under government travel regulations," a DeVos spokesman said. "Secretary DeVos accepted her position to serve the public and is fully committed to being a faithful steward of taxpayer dollars."

The AP eventually updated its headline to read, "On work trips, DeVos flies on her plane at own expense," and deleted the misleading tweet.