Andrea Mitchell Calls Obama Greatest Speechwriter Since Lincoln

July 28, 2016

Following President Obama’s speech Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, several political commentators on MSNBC rushed to praise his address and extol his speechwriting skills. One of them was MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell took the political fawning to another level with her commentary on Obama’s speechwriting skills.

Obama was "extraordinary in invoking the Framer’s thoughts to form a more perfect union, the most optimistic speech, the most generous speech. Politically, having covered the campaign eight years ago, I could have never imagined this kind of embrace of Hillary Clinton," Mitchell began.

She then spoke about the symbolism of Obama invoking the "Audacity of Hope" into his speech and that he was passing the baton to Hillary Clinton through his "brilliant" speechwriting.

However, the most "thrill going up my leg" moment of last night’s post-DNC coverage was when Mitchell claimed that Obama was the best speechwriter since Abraham Lincoln.

"His gift is unique," she said. "I don’t think we’ve ever had a president, save Lincoln, who is as great a speechwriter as this man."

MSNBC analyst Steve Schmidt also gushed over the address, calling it "one of the most extraordinary political speeches ever given by anyone at any time."