America Rising Releases New Video: 'John Bel Edwards: An Obama Democrat'

November 5, 2015

America Rising PAC released a new video Thursday describing John Bel Edwards, a Democrat running for governor of Louisiana, as a liberal Democrat supportive of President Barack Obama's political agenda and out of touch with the voters in Louisiana.

The video shows Edwards at the 2012 Democratic National Convention applauding when the Louisiana delegation announced its support for the nomination of Obama and saying in his own words that he voted for "the Democrat" in the last three presidential elections. It also contains a clip of Edwards reinforcing his political affiliation at a pre-runoff campaign event. Beyond showing Edwards's support for the president, the video is meant to display the gubernatorial candidate's consistent alignment with the national Democratic Party.

America Rising created the video because Edwards has tried to distance himself from President Obama's policies on the campaign trail, most notably Obamacare, saying that Louisiana voters have a "deeply negative view of President Obama and his policies."

Amelia Chassé of America Rising PAC summed up the video's message: "Despite his election year posturing, John Bel Edwards can’t escape his support of President Obama or his party affiliation. Edwards’ priorities and values are far closer to President Obama and the national Democrats bankrolling his campaign than they are to the people of Louisiana."

Edwards serves as the State Representative for District 72 in Louisiana.