ABC: Clinton's Email Disclosure 'Going to Be on the Honor System'

ABC’s Jon Karl said Thursday that the "honor system" will have to be implemented with Clinton’s emails during her time as Secretary of State.

"She chose which of her e-mails to turn over to the State Department," Karl said. "So the bottom line is, people will have to trust that she has turned over all relevant official documents to the State Department."

Clinton sent a tweet asking the State Department to release her emails to the public. But the State Department can only release what they have, which is 55,000 pages of emails Clinton’s aides hand-picked. There is no way to verify that Clinton gave all relevant records to the State Department, and not just what is not damaging to her because Clinton was only forced to turn over documents years after she left the State Department.

A House committee investigating Benghazi has issued a subpoena for Clinton’s emails as well.

The controversy is one of Clinton’s making. The avoidable flap will bring into question whether the American people can or should trust her. The lack of transparency and blatant appearance that Clinton wanted to keep her emails from the public eye is sure to damage her reputation.