State Department Praises Passage of Taylor Force Act

• March 27, 2018 5:36 pm


The State Department praised the passage of the Taylor Force Act on Tuesday, which will cut American funds to the Palestinian Authority due to its bounty payments to terrorists and their families.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert praised its passage, which was included in the omnibus spending bill President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday.

"The Trump administration has strongly supported, it also has bipartisan, strong bipartisan support, for the Taylor Force Act," Nauert said.

"The legislation passed Congress not long ago, it put out a clear expectation to the Palestinian Authority and also the Palestinian Liberation Organization that the policy where they would give so-called ‘martyr payments.' Those payments to terrorists and their families have to stop. The United States has been clear about that," Nauert said. "Those kinds of compensation schemes incentivize violence against Israeli, but also American citizens as well. We as an administration, and Republicans and Democrats, find that simply unacceptable."

Nauert also said certain details of how the law would be enforced by the United States Government remains to be determined.

The Taylor Force Act was named after a U.S. Military Academy graduate and veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, who was killed in Tel Aviv in 2016 by a Palestinian.