Rogin: Clinton Asleep at the Wheel on Boko Haram, Benghazi

The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin appeared on Fox News Saturday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s decision not to add Boko Haram to the State Department’s official list of foreign terrorist organizations, despite the group's increasingly violent behavior.

"It speaks to her claim that she’s at the forefront of protecting women, and girls in conflict. But it also speaks to her handling of international terrorism, which has been called into big question following her handling of the attack in Benghazi," Rogin said.

"The criticism in Benghazi is that she didn’t call it a terrorist attack soon enough, that she blamed the video, and that she didn’t realize that al-Qaeda was metastasizing, growing into North Africa. Well, here is another example of al-Qaeda spreading into North Africa and the administration being asleep at the wheel. Their narrative was al-Qaeda is on the run, and apparently al-Qaeda is not on the run," Rogin added.

Rogin noted that this topic would certainly be a major headache for Clinton if she chooses to run for president in 2016.  "The fact that she did this is undisputable; she has not come up with a justification. If she runs, you can be sure that the calls for to explain herself will continue because she’s not going to be able to remain silent on this issue forever," Rogin concluded.