Plouffe: Obama’s Real-Life Lady and the Tramp

Obama aide David Plouffe appears in the Social Register, where he is listed with his wife, longtime Democratic strategist Olivia Morgan, as a member of the exclusive Chevy Chase Club. Their inclusion in the blue-blooded Register is thanks to his wife, who boasts an impressive lineage.

According to Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner:

The scrappy Plouffe is from a blue collar Wilmington, Delaware family. He tells Secrets that he still drives a Ford Fusion hybrid purchased after helping Obama win election in 2008. He’s often disparaged Republican operatives for being in the game to make a buck.

He’s no stranger to a buck himself, signing a reported seven-figure book advance and earning $1.5 million in consulting and speaking fees between Obama’s victory and his return to the White House to replace Axelrod.

But his inclusion in the Social Register puts him in a totally different class than his West Wing officemates. He got there through marriage: Morgan’s ancestors date back to the nation’s founding. According to Social Register officials, marriage is the easiest way to make the list, considered a Who’s Who of American high society and a valuable phone book for tony people with unlisted numbers.