Media, Liberal Twitter Melt Down Over Clinton Email Questions

Screenshot / MSNBC
September 7, 2016

Many Hillary Clinton allies, reporters and those holding both titles had a rather enormous and collective sad on Wednesday night over Clinton being asked several questions at NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum about her private email server and what the FBI characterized as "extremely careless" handling of classified material.

Among the charges from the Twitterverse were that Matt Lauer was harsher on Clinton than Donald Trump, the email scandal has already been litigated and that handling sensitive information has nothing to do with being president.

Clinton's email server use as secretary of state first came to light in March of 2015. Exactly a year-and-a-half later, she is still answering questions about it.

We have 30 minutes to talk about all of foreign policy so by all means let’s litigate the emails again.