Malkin talks Green Gulag

'What has black and white stripes and is green all over?'

FOX: I don't want to run out of time before we talk about one of my favorite stories of the day: The Obama administration using prisoners to make solar panels for federal agencies and push a green energy agenda. They're using hundreds of inmates who earn between $0.23 and $1.15 an hour. Look at -- you know, it makes me wonder still solar isn't profitable. How is that possible when your labor are prisoners who are basically working for free? This is amazing!

MALKIN: Yeah, this is amazing. The Free Beacon did a good job of exposing this program and I guess the joke is, you know, what has black, white and stripes and green all over? This UNICOR program. I think what's significant is it all goes back to Chicago, one of the great beneficiaries of this program is Exelon Corporation that owns Constellation, one of the energy companies that's going to benefit from all of this labor. It underscores the point that I've been making--and I have a column today out that I think is relevant--that instead of spending money on some core, basic duties like, say, aerial tankers to fight wildfires, and of course, the West is on -- has been on fire all summer, what are they doing? Spending money on frivolous programs like this to reward their pals in Chicago.

FOX: Yep, it's an eye-opener.

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