The Obama Business Empire Keeps Expanding

The Obama business empire continues to expand. Earlier this week, Chicago-based utility giant Exelon announced that it was buying the Washington, D.C.-based utility giant Pepco Holding for $6.83 billion.

The decision comes at a time when Exelon finds it necessary to dispel rumors that it is seeking a bailout from the Illinois state government to prop up its struggling nuclear power plants.

The deal would create a corporate behemoth serving some 10 million customers worth about $26 billion. Exelon has dedicated $100 million for a investment fund for Pepco customers that will provide assistance for low income customers, and fund a variety of “energy efficiency measures.”

Both companies have long histories of giving money to Democrats. Since 2008, Pepco (and its political action committee) has given at least $688,338 to political candidates and committees, almost all of which ($617,813) has gone to Democrats. Exelon (and its political action committee) has given more than $2.8 million to Democrats during that same period.