MacLean: Clinton Supporters Making ‘Serious Mistake’ Criticizing Trump for Calling Bombing What It Was

• September 19, 2016 10:29 am


Washington Free Beacon managing editor Aaron MacLean said Monday that any attempt by Hillary Clinton supporters to criticize Donald Trump for calling the bombing in New York City what it was would be a "serious mistake."

Fellow Fox News guest Capri Cafaro, a Democratic state senator from Ohio, joined the chorus of voices criticizing Trump for quickly calling the Saturday night explosion in New York a bombing while praising Clinton for her more "measured" approach. However, Clinton also referred to the attack, along with one in New Jersey on Monday, as "bombings" that same evening, and both candidates were correct in their remarks.

"I think if strategists or folks in Clinton World think that they’re going to transform this into a hit on Donald Trump for calling a bombing a bombing a few minutes before that fact was actually confirmed by police, I think they’re making a serious mistake," MacLean said. "They want this to be a hit on his temperament, but I think the American people are just going to see this as calling a spade a spade."

MacLean added later that Clinton wanted to emphasize her competence in the response to the terror attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota, but that might not resonate with voters.