Kredo: Sources Say It's 'Plausible' Trump Was Wiretapped

March 8, 2017

Adam Kredo, senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, appeared Monday on One America News Network to react to President Trump's tweets from Saturday in which he accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Host Liz Wheeler began the segment by discussing how the mainstream media has widely rejected Trump's accusations. She then showed a clip of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who dismissed Trump's accusation Sunday on "Meet the Press."

"As far as I know from people I've spoken to and sources that I've reached out to about this, it is entirely plausible that in fact Trump in some way or fashion was bound up in some sort of wiretap," Kredo said. "My understanding is that during an investigation into possible ties to Russia and business dealings that a FISA warrant reached this kind of stuff."

Kredo then presented a question that he believes Clapper should answer to clarify what he knows about the issue.

"If there was no such wiretap and that did not exist as he says, where did the transcripts of the conversations that reporters at the New York Times and others were passed along about conversations between Michael Flynn and Russian officials, where did those come from?" Kredo asked. "I think it is very curious that, if in fact there was no sort of wiretap, there would be no record of those conversations, when in fact we all know there is."

"So from the Obama administration's standpoint, I think some logic is missing," he added.

Wheeler followed up by discussing how Democrats have been denying the wiretap allegations and saying it is illegal for the president to order such surveillance on a private citizen.

"That's not true, if I'm not mistaken, when it comes to FISA court orders. They can order electronic surveillance or even a wiretap on a private citizen," Wheeler said.

"They absolutely can. You're entirely correct about that," Kredo said. "And I would remind the Democrats that are claiming otherwise that, just a few years ago and certainly during the George W. Bush administration, they were crying foul on this policy all the time. You see that they've shut their mouths on that quite a bit and now are denying it."

Kredo then explained how the Obama administration expanded the amount of information that can be shared across intelligence agencies and that the alleged investigation into Trump could have come from any one of those agencies.

"The case that I think really upsets the Democratic outcry over this claiming, 'Well, no this didn't happen,' is the fact that we've seen the transcripts of the Flynn conversations," Kredo said. "If in fact there was no wiretap, why were those being put out there by the former Obama intelligence community?"

Wheeler concluded the interview by asking whether the American people will ever know the facts about the wiretaps in question.

"No, I don't think you ever will. I think that you'll continue to see targeted leaks of this information against individuals in the Trump administration like we've seen with [Jeff] Sessions, [Sebastian] Gorka, and Flynn, but I don't think we'll ever find out the full story," Kredo said.