German Paper Firebombed

Ran Charlie Hebdo cartoons

A firef truck sits outside the building of the 'Hamburger Morgenpost'
A firef truck sits outside the building of the 'Hamburger Morgenpost' / AP

A German newspaper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons in a tribute to the French paper was firebombed on Sunday, AFP reports.

With security services on high alert after a jihadist killing spree in Paris, police in the northern German port city of Hamburg said no one was at the headquarters of the regional daily Hamburger Morgenpost at the time of the attack, which caused only slight damage.

Hamburg police said it was "too soon" to tell whether there was a connection between the Charlie Hebdo tribute and the firebombing, which would be the first attack against the cartoons since Wednesday's massacre of 12 people at the French weekly.

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Rocks and a burning object were thrown through a window of the building. There was damage in rooms on the lower floors of the building, but the fire was put out quickly, according to a police spokeswoman.