IDF Strike Takes Out Two Senior Hezbollah Terrorists

Hezbollah militants (Getty Images)
April 23, 2024

The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday said it killed two senior members of Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group that has been launching rockets and missiles at northern Israel.

Hassin Ali Ezkol, a high-ranking official in Hezbollah's aerial defense unit, and another unnamed senior Hezbollah terrorist were killed during a targeted airstrike in southern Lebanon, the IDF announced, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Hezbollah has since retaliated by launching a drone attack on Israeli military bases in northwest Israel, marking its deepest incursion into the Jewish state since Hamas's Oct. 7 terrorist attack. The IDF, however, said the drone attack did not hit any facility in Israel.

Since Oct. 7., Israeli strikes have eliminated around 270 Hezbollah fighters, including nearly a dozen senior commanders. Israeli forces last week killed Ismail Yusef Baz, a Hezbollah commander who served in the terrorist group for decades and oversaw some of the group’s missile launches and other terror operations against Israel.