Clinton: 'We're Not Winning' the Fight Against the Islamic State

December 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton said Sunday that "we're not winning" the threat against the Islamic State terrorist organization during an interview on ABC's This Week.

Clinton, who doubled down on her refusal to use the term "radical Islam" during the interview, was asked by ABC host and Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos whether the U.S. was succeeding in its fight.

"Can you say today that we're winning the fight against ISIS?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"I can say today that we have a new set of threats," Clinton said. "If you go back and look where we were with al Qaeda in 9/11, there's no doubt bin Laden and his lieutenants were planning to carry out additional attacks if they possibly could, and they did in places like Madrid and London, et cetera. So we have dealt with that threat. It doesn't go away. We haven't eliminated it, but we've dealt with it. Now, we have to turn our attention to the very sophisticated propagation of this new threat from ISIS."

"So we're not winning that battle yet?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"Well, we're not winning, but it's too soon to say that we are doing everything we need to do," Clinton said. "I've outlined very clearly what we have to do. We have to fight them in the air, we have to fight them on the ground, and we have to fight them on the Internet, and we have to do everything we can with our friends and partners around the world to protect ourselves."

President Obama remarked in the days before the Islamic State carried out a terrorist attack in Paris that he had "contained" its threat.