Christie: Obama, Clinton Responsible for ‘Any Deaths’ that Result from Iran Deal

Chris Christie
Chris Christie / AP
• September 3, 2015 10:48 am


Chris Christie laid blame on President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for "any deaths" that result from the Iran nuclear agreement.

The New Jersey governor and GOP presidential candidate responded to news that Obama had secured the crucial 34th Senate vote from Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D., Md.) to uphold the Iran agreement during an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Wednesday, labeling the deal "ridiculous."

"Sen. Mikulski, Sen. Coons, Sen. Casey, the president of the United States, the secretary of state, and the former secretary of state are now all responsible for any conduct Iran engages in across the world–terrorist activity they sponsor, indirectly or directly, they’re responsible for any deaths that occur," Christie said, referencing the final three Democratic senators who voiced approval of the deal.

Clinton has supported the president’s championed deal with Tehran, despite increasing disapproval from the American public.

"They’re responsible for any threat to Israel, and any threat to the United States, all of which are going to come because of this ridiculous agreement that this president has pushed through purely for what he believes will be his legacy," Christie continued. "And this is the one place I agree with the President. This will be his legacy. And he will rank behind Warren Harding among presidents for having done this."

Christie also said that, if elected president, he would be "supportive" of Israel acting alone to try to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program.

"Israel is absolutely entitled to act in what they believe to be their sovereign interests. And no country should be able to tell Israel how to do that, especially given the circumstances of Israel’s formation," Christie said. "And so the Israelis have every right to do what they believe is in the best national interest."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the deal, affirming over the weekend that it will allow Iran to fund terrorism by providing the country billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

While the Obama administration has couched the deal as the alternative to war with Iran, a council of prominent retired military leaders and intelligence officials recently released a report contending that the agreement will increase the likelihood of military conflict.

Nevertheless, Clinton has labeled the deal an "important step," telling voters in New Hampshire in July, "There are people on the other side of this who I respect, who have said very clearly: ‘I can’t support it, I think it’s a mistake.’ They believe the Iranians will cheat. I think that is a respectable argument. However, I think it’s important to ask what are our alternatives."

A majority of battleground-state voters are less likely to vote for Clinton in 2016 because of her support for the Iran deal, polling shows.