Benghazi Survivor Calls Clinton ‘Above the Law,’ Hopes Her Server Was Hacked

August 9, 2016

A survivor of the 2012 Benghazi terror attack said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton is "above the law" and he hopes her private server was hacked to prove she was lying about her culpability.

Kris Paronto said on Fox News that Clinton has gone through multiple investigations and come out "squeaky clean," and it is time for her to be treated as a normal person subject to consequences.

Paronto, a former Army Ranger and CIA security contractor, was one of the responders to the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four Americans in 2012. He appeared on America’s Newsroom to discuss a defamation and wrongful death lawsuit against Clinton filed by the parents of two of the victims, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods.

Patricia Smith and Charles Woods’ suit charges that Clinton’s private email server contributed to the attacks, and they also say Clinton defamed them with her public statements, according to NBC News.

"The system has failed them, the system that was supposed to protect them, supposed to keep people accountable, has not," Paronto said. "By them taking upon themselves, which is what they should be doing, they’re showing that they’re still strong and they’re pushing back, and I agree with it."

"Right now, Hillary is above the law, and that’s what we’re seeing," Paronto added. "And we’re continually seeing that, and the only way we’re going to bring her back down is by doing it ourselves–and Pat and Charles Woods are setting a good example."

FBI Director James Comey said last month it was possible that "hostile actors" gained access to Clinton’s server, and experts believe the server likely was hacked and the intruders left no evidence of their breach.

"I’m hoping that it was hacked," Paronto said. "And it’s sad to say, but just to vindicate those and vindicate us, that the Russians or somebody did hack into it and has that information, and then we can show and and expose how she is."

Fox News host Bill Hemmer, sounding surprised, asked Paronto, "You’re hoping that her server was hacked?"

"Well, if it does, it shows that she wasn’t truthful," he said. "For national security reasons, no, but it also shows that if that happened, Bill, if it was hacked, and it was that she did violate national security, and through all these investigations, everything that went on, that she was lying to us ... It’s an evil."