Drew's Receipts: Media React to Appointment of Hunter Biden Special Counsel

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
August 12, 2023

Where's Hunter?: Media declared the Justice Department's Hunter Biden investigation over in June when the first son reached a plea deal with his father's Justice Department.

A judge's rejection of the agreement did little to change the consensus that there was nothing to see here. Nor did mounting evidence uncovered by House Republicans.

So, many journalists are at a loss to explain the announcement that Biden is getting his own special counsel.

For Republican critics, however, the explanation remains the same: It's a cover-up.

Climate files: Gas prices are rising again as OPEC+ clamps down on the global supply. It could be a moment for journalists to question President Joe Biden's hostility to U.S. oil production or his failed Middle East diplomacy.

But instead, the media blame a more ephemeral actor for the growing pain at the pump: climate change.

Politico: "The Heat Behind The Jump in Gasoline Prices":

It’s a glaring example of how the heat that’s been baking much of the United States in recent weeks — and which scientists say is exacerbated by climate change — is threatening the economy with new inflationary pressures, as well as public health.

CNN: "How Extreme Heat is Making Your Gas More Expensive":

Ironically, all of this shows that not even oil and gas companies — an industry that scientists blame in part for global warming — are immune from the consequences of the climate crisis.

Things were more straightforward under the previous president.

Fear index: Speaking of Donald Trump, a fourth criminal indictment of the former president is looming in Atlanta, and journalists are manning the barricades, or at least breathlessly photographing them.

The media is 0-for-3 when it comes to hyping security concerns ahead of Trump's indictments.

Here's hoping for another slow news day if and when the new charges drop next week.

Profile in courage: The Washington Post sat down with a group of Palestinian terrorists to hear their side of suicide bombing Israeli civilians:

As the mayhem has spread, though, hundreds of Palestinians like Zoufi have jumped into the fight. Some are aligned with organized cells — al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hamas, the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad. ...

Many say they were compelled to take up arms because the Palestinian Authority has stayed on the sidelines. ...

Israel ... accuses Palestinian officials of letting militants operate freely and of allowing thousands of smuggled or homemade weapons to flood the territory. In turn, many Palestinians see their government as another arm of the occupation, sharing intelligence with Israel and arresting fighters from rival political factions to shore up its diminishing power.

It's the latest example of the media both-sides-ing a conflict between the democratic state of Israel and genocidal maniacs.

Stay safe out there, and see you next week.

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