WATCH: CNN Comedy Hour With Jim Acosta (Vol. 2)

CNN's Jim Acosta isn't much of a journalist, but that's never stopped anyone from hosting their own show on cable news. As far as CNN is concerned, you can masturbate in public and still be a regular on the network so long as you're a white man.

Since becoming the host he always dreamed he could be, Acosta has devoted considerable time and energy to amassing an arsenal of zingers, wisecracks, and side splitters in an effort to "own the cons" with comedy. He unleashes them without fear of looking ridiculous, for this is the life he has chosen.

Acosta might not be much of a comedian, but at least he's trying. The same cannot be said of former comedy legend Stephen Colbert, who has become just a slightly manlier version of Rachel Maddow.

WATCH: CNN Comedy Hour With Jim Acosta (Part 1)

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